Analyst Report

NelsonHall IT Outsourcing Vendor Profile Of: TCS – Managed Security Services

NelsonHall has cited TCS’ Managed Security Services (MSS) in its Vendor Assessment Report which provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of TCS' MSS offerings, capabilities, market and financial strengths.

The report presents a positive outlook on TCS MSS including its strengths, key offerings, delivery capability, partnerships and expansion strategy.

  • TCS’ ESRM revenue growth towards managed security services is higher than the company average, at ~30% y/y (in line with its wider IT infrastructure services business).
  • TCS’ cyber resiliency framework looks to build clients’ cybersecurity risk maturity level from reactive cybersecurity to proactively managing risks, using a number of resiliency assessments to build actionable risk mitigation plans
  • TCS uses a number of pre-built service accelerators to ensure a good standard of productivity and delivery
  • TCS has 26 Security Operation Centers (SOCs), 25 of which are client-specific SOCs and with intent to build onshore SOCs, has started work in the U.S., with the U.K. to follow.
  • TCS intends to expand MSS offerings to growth geographies, in particular Europe and Asia Pacific
  • TCS is willing to establish client-dedicated SOCs to take over the end to end management of clients’ security needs. This willingness enables TCS to support a number of clients which other Indian service providers (with primarily offshore models) are unsuitable to support

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