The Lean Placebo Effect: Creating the Emotive-Logical Experience

In this webinar, Gaganbir Palta, TCS, explores the deep relationship between the Lean methodology and how placebo sciences can be utilized to actually strengthen the positive impact they can have on customer expectations on June 18th, 9-9:45 AM BST.

Our customers feel and align their perceptions to areas based on a continual experience rather than a single time based intervention. Any experience has to be a smooth transitory curve that needs to align with the majority of expectations from a customer. Any misalignment on these expectations causes reverberations on the 'perceptive realisations' of our customers.
Business and IT service alignment have been the buzz for much related discussion. Whilst the alignment of delivery of service as per expectation is paramount and known, the methodology and its related effect of managing the people dimension is an aspect that needs to be understood and implemented. 
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In this webinar, Gaganbir Palta, TCS, explores the deep relationship between a well-known methodology such as Lean and how placebo sciences can be utilised to actually strengthen the positive impact that experiential services can have on expectations. It lays outs the basic doctrine principles of a methodology and a well-known science merging them within the context of Service Management  sharing their combined effect specifically on a experiential area like Incident and Problem Management.
It also explores the impact the combination of these two can have to improve team performance within the Service Desk  and create an organisational ripple effect going right up to the perception of business. It draws upon emotive behaviour and rationality to create better performing mind sets within management and within operational teams for creating world class service desks that allows looking at Lean from a different perspective of creating a continual improvement culture in service desks– An Emotive Logical Experience.

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