TCS Silicon Valley Meet and Greet 2014

TCS will host a one-day workshop for its co-innovation partners – venture capitalists, start-ups, academia, customers, and the Tata group companies’ senior leaders – to explore the emerging innovative technologies and the innovation landscape.

The TCS Silicon Valley Meet and Greet 2014 will be a platform to connect with emerging technology start-ups, venture capitalists and eminent academics to hear and discuss on the innovation and market landscape.

A one-day event, the broad discussion areas will be around analytics, design, security, new product development, testing, customer relations and many others, which are relevant to all businesses. Panel discussions and speaker presentations by start-ups and venture capitalists will provide the attendees ample opportunities for interactions and exploring avenues to progress on real-time issues. 

The panel discussion will focus on the topic “Where is Silicon Valley Investing - Smart City, Design, AI, Bitcoin...What’s next?” The keynote address will be presented by Prof. Ram Akella, Director, Center for Knowledge, Information Systems, and Management of Technology, University of California Santa Cruz.

The event will also see the active participation of TCS’ senior business and research leaders.

The day will be followed by a visit to the Innovation Showcase at TCS’ Silicon Valley Customer Collaboration Center.

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For more information or if you’re interested in attending please contact:

Bikram Khasnobis
Email: Bikram.kh@tcs.com
Phone: +1 408 680 4827