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TCS Retail Forum Journal – Issue 3


In an era of Digital Darwinism and radically changing consumer behavior, listening and contextually engaging your customers with deep personalization are the best bet for long-term profitability and customer loyalty. This will mean a transformational change in the underlying business model, processes and tools. The confluence of the five digital forces such as mobility, Big Data, cloud, social and analytics are empowering retailers to radically reimagine the shopper’s journey.

In this edition of Forum, we present our perspective on how you can radically reimagine your customer engagement strategy and tactics to deliver superior customer experience in this competitive retail world.

  • Is it possible to foster long-term relationships with your customers without meaningful personalization? In ‘Curate Digital Customer Engagement with Extreme Personalization,’ we discuss why personalization is more important than ever before and how it counters the commoditization of retail. 
  • Did you know that over 50 customer touch-points exist between the moment of inspiration and the moment of actual sale? Customer interactions are evolving into a complex web of interactions. We discuss the need for a unified view of customer and how this insight can enhance customer engagement in ‘Unified View of Customer: It’s All About Customer Experience.’
  • In the last three years, a majority of the large consumer companies have integrated social media into their organizational strategies and operations. Embracing social media to listen to customers has enabled organizations to improve sales, merchandising, store experience and customer satisfaction. We share the findings and perspectives from a retail point of view in ‘How Retailers can Create the Right Social Circle’ based on our Global Trend Study Mastering Digital Feedback.' 
  • Although retailers are hyper-focused on customer experience, the loyalty component of customer experience needs to be addressed as well. In ‘Customer Loyalty Experience: You Can’t Afford to Ignore It,’ we delve into the aspects of designing a successful customer loyalty experience that will deliver long-lasting value to customers and a positive Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.
  • Having a unified view of customer has become a collective focus for many retailers. What does it take to build this?  In ‘Realizing Unified View for Better Customer Engagement: Understanding What to Build,’ we analyze what works best—investing in Customer Master Data Management solutions or building an alternate customer 360-degree repository for analytics.

 TCS Retail forum Journal