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TCS helps Bombardier transform IT landscape
Thomas Leidenbach, Group IS – Head of Information Systems, talks about Bombardier’s positive experience, working with TCS since 2012 on engagements in the areas of remote infrastructure and application management.
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Bombardier Transportation
Rail vehicle and equipment

“We recommend other companies to work with TCS. We see in theirs actions an orientation on performance, on results and working with a customer long term together. And this gives us a good feeling and a joint win-win situation.”

Thomas Leidenbach, Group IS – Head of Information Services, Bombardier Transportation.

Bombardier Transportation is one of the largest companies in the rail vehicle, and equipment manufacturing and servicing industry.

Since 2012, Bombardier has closely partnered with TCS to continually ensure operational stability, and accelerate infrastructure deployment and transformation.


Thomas Leidenbach, Group IS – Head of Information Services, Bombardier Transportation

Experience Results

Since 2012, this engagement has delivered successful results in the areas of remote infrastructure management, focusing on data center services and specific areas of application management. The initial structures were established quickly and adapted to evolving business needs when required.

Experience Partnership

Thomas discusses how TCS was able to optimize its offshore and onshore support for the project and operational phases respectively based on complexity of the situation. Thomas adds that the experience of working with TCS has been very positive, as TCS has been a responsive partner who takes accountability. From a cultural perspective, Thomas firmly believes that TCS’ high standard of corporate values, personal integrity, and ethics align well with Bombardier’s cultural environment.

Experience Leadership

Reflecting on TCS’ performance, Thomas affirms that the relationship with Bombardier Transportation will grow to newer areas of engagement. He even goes on to recommend other companies work with TCS, due to TCS’ performance and results oriented approach, and desire to work with each customer for the long-term, which create a win-win situation.


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