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Leverage BizDevOps for faster time to market and improved customer experience

As BFSI firms step into the Industry 4.0 era, adopting a BizDevOps approach to software development can help bridge the gap between business objectives and IT prerogatives and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Establishing a BizDevOps framework will be an important lever for firms to adopt Industry 4.0 principles in financial services, in turn transforming into customer-centric entities.

BFSI firms must consider some crucial dimensions while defining the BizDevOps roadmap.

IT cycle time optimization: Optimizing the IT cycle time to achieve faster time-to-market

Multi-dimensional moments-of-truth: Mapping of IT metrics to business metrics to deliver a seamless experience across multiple channels

System resilience: Increased resilience to weather unexpected paradigm shocks

Data security and compliance: Ensure the security and integrity of data across cloud infrastructure

Portfolio design: Optimized design of the overall business portfolio with its underlying IT application landscape

Manas Shome

DevOps Evangelist and Consultant, BFSI Technology Advisory Group, TCS

Raghubir Bose

Head of DevOps practice, BFSI Technology Advisory Group, TCS


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