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Complying with FATCA and AEOI is a critical requirement for financial institutions. Placing a significant burden on them, it requires them to review and streamline KYC and compliance requirements. The need of the hour is a comprehensive compliance solution that verifies customer information and enables adherence to every requirement that FATCA imposes.


. This platform is an end-to-end offering which impacts all operational processes and systems. With a robust architectural design, it is lightweight and modular in structure, yet scalable to tackle large data volumes.

The TCS BaNCS FATCA and AEOI compliance platform, encompasses the following features:

  • Group profiling

  • Indicia checks

  • Verification rules

  • Case manager

  • Performance enhancer

  • Report manager

  • Periodic analyzer


  • Easier decision making with a better reporting engine
  • Higher productivity and effectiveness
  • Easy integration with external sources and third-party systems

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