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TCS BaNCS for Payments 

An integrated SWIFT certified, SWIFT gpi ready solution, built on MT and MX (ISO 20022) standards with a track record of processing international payments in 25 countries and supporting over 40 clearing systems. The solution offers comprehensive support for traditional products like credit transfers, direct debits and cheques alongside newer offerings like real-time and blockchain based payments. Read more.

Real-time Payments

The Real-time Payments solution from TCS BaNCS can help organizations offer a superior customer experience with its extensive proxy management features, configurable processing flows, and SLA management capabilities. The solution is built on an ISO20022 native data model and offers the flexibility to upgrade in case of any future changes in regulations. It leverages a modern microservices architecture, and comes with an enriched API set and support for cloud nativity, providing an added competitive edge, from both, a business and technical point of view. Read more.

TCS BaNCS Solution for Central Payments Infrastructure

Combining the TCS technology stack for cloud, security, and business operations, along with a Machine-First Delivery Model, the solution supports central banks and central payments infrastructures in building a high-performance payments platform. The solution is backed by TCS’ experience in building the successful national payment infrastructure in India and a global presence in leading clearing and settlement organizations worldwide. Read more

P27 Payments

Accelerates payment modernization and the adoption of the pan-Nordic P27 Standards by seamlessly integrating with existing banking application ecosystems. The P27 Component reduces the effort and time spent in implementing a new product and allows banks to concentrate on growth and transformation initiatives. Built on a SEPA and ISO 20022-compliant foundation, the solution supports a wide range of payment products – including mobile and cross-border payments. Read more.

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