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Zions Bancorporation’s Transformation and Implementation of the TCS BaNCS Core System

Zions Bancorporation
Financial Services


The Zions Bancorporation implementation of TCS BaNCS is a significant moment for the US core market.

Zions believes that this core transformation initiative is foundational to its digital transformational objectives, which aims at enhancing customer experience, digitizing and streamlining operations, and leveraging data assets to server customers better.

This case study from Celent describes the transformation project in detail, and, how by consolidating multiple banks, Zions moved to a comprehensive banking solution, TCS BaNCS, as part of its modernization strategy. Organizing an enterprise-wide shift in operating model and technology architecture is extremely difficult, and Celent was impressed with the scope. More importantly, Celent believes that this case study stands out in that it is the story of a US bank selecting an international core banking vendor to implement a large transformation project.

Please read the Zion's transformation story here


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