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Asset Servicing processing continues to be a high risk operation, with Corporate Actions carrying the risk of actual losses alongside meeting client expectations and complying with regulatory sanctions. Whilst processing is standardized throughout the event lifecycle and, greater transparency, improvements in messaging and reporting have all reduced the associated risks to some extent, they have not been able to eliminate them completely. For most events, categorizing risks by event type, market, number of options and entitled positions, or type of position are simply not enough.


TCS BaNCS for Corporate Actions’ Risk Dashboards have been designed on the premise that understands that there will always be a certain level of risk but which can be minimized or managed through correct reporting. TCS BaNCS for Corporate Actions’ Risk Dashboards offer tools to identify, manage, display and address events and their associated work items. With a combination of tools and actions, the Risk Dashboards are able to prioritize user workload and views by type of risk, thereby, ensuring that the most risky actions are brought to the attention of users and addressed ­first.

Risk Dashboards can be customized and personalized, with the user being able to choose what data they want to see based on a multitude of parameters and factors. A dashboard can be created once and saved for future use, or created bespoke/on the go, or to address a particular need or demand at a specific point of time.


  • Identification of the “Reddest of the Red” items, prioritizing workload tasks by risk
  • User friendly displays of complex and detailed data in an actionable and easily consumable format
  • Early warning alert mechanisms to ensure that risk is detected as early as possible
  • Graphical view of key risk items and events across the event lifecycle
  • O­ffers a ‘live’ view of work as chosen / classified by user preferences

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