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The custodian market continues its transformation spree that commenced over the last decade, with newer challenges becoming a necessary corollary. The foremost challenge, is the ability to offer a comprehensive range of custody services while maintaining a balance with technological trends.

There is a need for the adaptation to new technology and processes by re-engineering systems to accommodate transaction processing and hit higher levels of STP to increase operational efficiencies.


. The enhanced and futuristic functionalities enables you to scale significantly for multi-entity deployments and processing. The solution manages high volumes of local as well as cross-border trades apart from the increased diversity and complexity of financial instruments.

TCS BaNCS for Custody encompasses the following features:

  • Multi-currency, multi-entity, multi-time zone, 24x7 processing capabilities
  • Rule-based engine
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Comprehensive portal
  • Automatic work item allocation to the users
  • Comprehensive automated end to end trade settlement processing
  • Trade affirmation and pre-matching services, while also supporting contractual as well as actual settlements
  • Well-knit connections with the markets, information providers, and street-side entities



  • Enhances Transaction Processing
  • Facilitates smooth integration
  • Ensures highly scalable processing infrastructure
  • Enables customized reporting through business intelligence tool
  • Ensures a high degree of reusability
  • Ensures minimal manual intervention, thus mitigating the risk involved
  • Global coverage and Reduced TCO
  • Compliance to Global Standards
  • Supports Local, Regional & Global Custody in the same application instance

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