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The evolving global fintech market amidst pricing pressures is driving wealth and asset management firms to expand value propositions and restructure product portfolios. While diverse offerings in real estate, hedge funds, tax reporting, and account aggregation boost value potential, consolidating and simplifying operations has become crucial to sustain higher revenue gains. For this, enterprises need a solution that integrates, structures, and analyzes the data, as well as has holistic advisory (Robo Advisory) capabilities and reporting tools that deepen client engagement.


TCS BaNCS Global Investments Platform (GIP) is a comprehensive cloud-powered platform that can simplify investment management/advisory, processing capabilities and the overall technology stack at your firm, ushering in higher rates of client interest and retention. Its design, functionality, and architecture facilitate process standardization, transparent wealth advisory, and asset management services delivery. While the solution reduces the amount of legacy systems as well as their inherent complexity, it also possesses AI and Machine Learning capabilities that empower the organization to continuously improve workflow efficiencies and provide data-backed client interactions 24/7 across assets, currencies, markets, time zones, and entities.

. Its key capabilities encompass:

  • Direct market access
  • Box management
  • Fund administration
  • NAV computation
  • Fund distributions
  • Portfolio management


  • Seamless integration of portfolio holding, security and validation data across multiple enterprise systems
  • Comprehensive investment management and processing capabilities
  • Transparent view of performance data across all transactions
  • Analytics for multi-dimensional dispersal analysis of client portfolios
  • Targeted asset allocation with visibility to individual asset-level performance
  • Real-time position keeping capabilities for both client and street side
  • End-to-end NAV calculation with support for subscriptions and redemptions
  • Alert notifications and audit trials
  • MIS, customer and compliance reporting

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