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In this issue, we feature stories from South Africa, Bahrain, the United States, Indonesia, the Nordics, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. 

Over the past few years, we have transitioned TCS BaNCS to a Digital First, Cloud First approach, fostering greater agility, scalability, and automation for our clients. Before 2020, financial services firms were aiming to achieve a balance between the digital and physical, which was often weighted towards the physical. Now, these same organizations are actively working to minimize in-person contact or sharing screens by deploying digital apps, payments, and video banking. Our capabilities within TCS BaNCS are well-positioned to support our clients as they implement these much needed measures.

This time, in addition to the magazine format, we've also re-designed the newsletter for easy accessibility on mobile phones and tablets

The newsletter covers the following:

Special Coverage: Quartz™ – The Smart Ledgers - The Future will be Tokenized

Quartz is building ecosystems that bring together participants in industries including energy and utilities, government, financial services and real estate.

Starting with this issue of our redesigned Quartz magazine, we feature our latest thinking about the most promising business opportunities for Smart Ledgers, outline the most innovative use cases being deployed using distributed ledger technology, and showcase the advantages of our new products and solutions. This edition covers the following:

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