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October 3, 2017

The metric that all companies endeavor to keep at the maximum level is their customer/client satisfaction score. There are a myriad of examples and whole websites that provide rating about the experience. In his blog, Ross Beard lists six reasons why. Customer Satisfaction:

  • Is a leading indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty
  • Is a point of differentiation
  • Reduces customer churn
  • Increases Customer lifetime value
  • Reduces negative word of mouth
  • Its less expensive to retain customers than acquire new ones

Did you know that satisfied employees are more productive employees? A team of economists estimates that employee happiness can boost productivity at work by more than 10%. Associated with employee happiness is employee engagement. Temkin Group has identified a correlation between employee engagement and successful customer experience. In their recent Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, they reported that companies with successful customer experience (CX) outpace CX laggards in engaged employees.Gallup reports that companies with highly engaged employees outperform their peers with lower engagement stats by 147% in earnings per share. Troubling though is that they also found that 87% of employees globally are not engaged, clearly leaving significant opportunity for improvement. Given employees are the face of your company, it makes sense that customer experience is so closely linked to the engagement of those employees.

An often overlooked means of improving how happy and/or engaged employees are is providing the processes, tools, and information they need to be efficient and productive. Leaving employees with systems and applications that require disjointed steps, associated manual effort, having to dig unnecessarily for information, and operating swivel chair environments create significant issues for employees as well as their employers. In our line of work, we have seen instances in contact centers in particular where training needs are so extensive due to disjointed systems, that often employees quit before their onboarding is complete based on dissatisfaction.

Imagine employees benefiting from intelligence-based systems with intuitive user interfaces that provide information and data relevant to the context of the task or problem the employee is working to solve, digested in interactive charts or graphs, next best action, goods/forecast info, drag and drop options, sharing of information with real-time collaboration with other employees or customers, activities, events, case management and more from the perspective of an individual employees day-to-day activities. This becomes exciting for employees in either sales or service scenarios; in service scenarios, it can mean auto-case assignment, auto-response/chat bots based on request content, suggested resolutions or next best action. In sales, it can mean an intelligent product or service suggestions based on customer profile or history, suggested next best action to advance an opportunity to a next stage or closure.

Salesforce Lightning provides the new generation of interactive 360-degree views of Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Case Management. Imagine employees being able to see all of the needed detail, while real-time management can have a visual summary with filters and options to make decisions. A salesperson, as well as the service representative, can know who from the company has last spoken to any contact at the company. All this without a green screen system that is only updated overnight or having to go to multiple systems only having pieces and parts of information. Lightning also becomes the gateway to AI features and functions being embedded in the platform.

Salesforce Lightning is not simply a cosmetic change, but rather a great magnifier and facilitator of enhanced productivity to ALL licensees of the system (from internal employees to external third party partners). Individual pages are now packed with useful information, visual queues to provide additional information quicker and easier, collaborate with many departments without devolving to the email abyss while having the system proactively alert individuals on next best actions.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) partners with its clients for the long term where we embed our consultants with your employees to provide the correct information at their fingertips at the time when and where they need it. Migrating your employees experience to Salesforce Lightning can make them much more productive, allow collaboration in ways that today are difficult if not impossible while simultaneously exposing data collected to individuals that need and can use it to help increase your customer satisfaction ratings.

Now is the time to start exploring your move to Lightning. If your organization would like to better understand what is involved in moving to Lightning, and unique approaches and tools to accelerate that process, we encourage you to meet with TCS while attending Dreamforce 2017, November 6-9 at our exclusive customer venue at the Trace Restaurant at the W Hotel , San Francisco, California.

Building your budget for the migration to Salesforce Lightning?

In addition to learning about TCS approaches and tools for Lightning migration while at Dreamforce 2017, TCS will also conduct complimentary migration assessments that estimate the number of development hours required to migrate your specific Salesforce environment from Classic to Lightning. The automated assessment measures the complexity of your specific orgs customizations and provides an estimate of the development hours to complete the migration. To take advantage of this exclusive Dreamforce 2017 offer,register to meet us at Trace and note the Lightning Estimator in the comments.

Joseph B. Thurman, Jr. is a member of TCS’ Salesforce Center of Excellence, and the Global Technical Lead of the Lightning Experience with the TCS Salesforce Practice. Not just a 'technical' individual, Joseph helps organizations with business process transformations and IT Development Operations increase efficiency leveraging tools and cloud technologies. Having wide experience with the Salesforce platform across Sales, Service, and Marketing, Joseph has helped numerous organizations develop and implement strategic initiatives that have had material effects on organizational performance.


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