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April 18, 2016

The TCS Sahyadri Park campus in Pune, India, clearly needs no introduction. Established in 2008 with an aim to grow TCS offshore operations in India, this campus is today one of the largest delivery facilities of TCS and houses over 20,000 associates. Spread over 48 acres of land with a built-up complex of 3.1 million sq. ft., TCS serves clienteles in BFS, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy & Resources, Life Sciences and BPS units.

  Thoughtful design

  The rolling hills of the Sahyadri ranges on three sides provide this    23,000-seating capacity campus with a beautiful setting for              creative software specialists to develop, maintain and support          software systems. Its architecture is inspired by ancient Maratha architecture, especially the royal palace of Shaniwarwada in Pune. The professionally designed campus consists of software engineering blocks, support services, data centre, customer-care block, training rooms, recruitment zone, auditorium, cafeterias, recreation areas, short-term accommodation and parking. In short, it has everything that the teams of dynamic TCS engineers need to deliver world-class software, with 24/7 operational readiness. According to Center Head, Arvind Padhye, Business growth has been good; and it is expected to cross 90 per cent utilisation in the next couple of quarters. It has been getting progressively identified with Manufacturing, Engineering services and Banking-Financial services businesses on the IT side, and Insurance, Financial services, Telecom and Life Sciences businesses on the BPS side.

The three engineering blocks of Sahyadri Park provide an ergonomic and secure working environment for about 8,000 associates each, spread over six to eight floors. Smaller engagements can be accommodated in individual modules of 6570 seats, each with a discussion room, supervisor cabin, reprography space and separate access. “It feels great to be associated with this grand facility. We host many customers here and I get somegreat feedback from them very often. It is wonderful to see associates leveraging the sports courts and gymnasium regularly to have fun and stay fit,” says Vice President & Global Head, Manufacturing Industry Solutions Unit, Milind Lakkad.

  The highlights of the interior design are the attractive and                  colourful Indian fabrics used in the work area, elegant exposed        concrete columns, floating ceiling, high performance double-            glazed faade glass, inflow of natural light through large windows      and carefully designed natural ventilation in common areas. Each      work unit is furnished with attractively coloured workstations, a floating ceiling, elegant exposed concrete columns, plenty of natural light and carefully designed illumination to suit working with computers.

The natural sloping terrain has been exploited in the beautifully designed landscape around the facility with water bodies and reflection pools. This inward landscape is a breath of fresh air for those looking for some respite during breaks. They can also look forward to the undulating surfaces, pockets of seating arrangements amidst green arches, cafeterias offering a variety of food by in-house caterers as well as big food chains.

Green building
Sixty per cent of the campus has landscaped areas, which speaks volumes of the intent to create a campus that is one with nature. Besides, air conditioning has been used sparingly by means of open air passages around the central atrium, which allow circulation of fresh air. Exposure to direct sunlight is avoided by special quality glasses, filters and coatings, yet the natural light levels are high due to the design of outward facing modules with a high ceiling and low workstation height. With such energy saving and green building features, TCS Sahyadri Park is a LEED Gold certified facility. It has also received architectural awards for the Asia Pacific region.

  Work-life balance
  The average age group of associates working from this campus is      between 26 and 28 years, with a female population of 34 percent.    And to keep these employees motivated, the campus has some        noteworthy sports arenas, well-equipped gym and yoga room,          among others. This is supplemented with employee engagement activities.This campus also encourages collaboration through its shared conference rooms, breakout areas, training rooms and a 500-seat multi-purpose auditorium. Apart from this, it looks after its employees and has a library, internet kiosks, bus transportation facility and a fleet of vehicles including ambulances kept ready for ad-hoc and emergency needs.

Japan Delivery Center
In September 2015, in a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, TCS inaugurated a Japan-centric Delivery Center (JDC) within Sahyadri Park. Following the July 2014 establishment of Nihon TCS TCS joint venture with leading Japanese trading house Mitsubishi Corporationthe launch of this JDC marked the next phase in TCS strategic expansion in the Japanese market. The new centre augments the delivery capabilities of TCS’ 2,400-strong Japan-based workforce. It is the first Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC) of its kind and is intended to allow TCS to cater to the specific business needs of Japanese corporations, in alignment with their unique expectations, by way of localisation of global business practices and enhanced language support.

Safety first
Multiple physical security barricades, electronic identity verification and access systems, networks monitored round-the-clock by a central network operations centre and invigilated by the central security operations centre make Sahyadri Park a highly secure facility for TCS associates and customers working on confidential software and data processing engagements.

TCS Sahyadri Park symbolises sheer grandeur in design, functionality and strength, and combines them with state-of-the-art technology to make it a secure, modern facility and a great place to work in.

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