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At the core of TCS’ strategy is customer-centricity. We work closely with customers and use our contextual knowledge of their business to build bespoke technology solutions. These solutions address our customers’ unique needs, making us their trusted partners. The success of this approach is evident from our steady revenue growth, the high proportion of repeat business, strong client metrics, enduring customer relationships, best-in-class margins, and a steadily expanding market share.

By partnering with established and emerging technology providers, spotting trends early, and investing ahead of time, we have been able to pivot and adapt to technological changes. In the process, we have stayed relevant to our customers and have helped them realize the benefits of each new technology. This is how TCS navigated multiple technological cycles over the past five decades.

The second aspect of our business sustainability is our people-friendly philosophy. Investing in our employees, empowering them, and helping them realize their potential has given us the best-in-class employee retention rates over the past decade. In FY17, our employee attrition rate in IT services was 10.5%; once again, the lowest in the industry.


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