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With the Next Generation Genomics Driven Heath, pharmaceutical blockbuster drug models will shift to personalized medicine models. Genome sequencing and analysis core to such transformation. Therefore, establishments need solutions to design and conduct proper genomic studies. The solutions must:

  • Identify new targets or biomarkers

  • Execute sequencing experiments accurately

  • Perform meaningful and reproducible analysis from sequencing data

  • Be scalable and fast

TCS Solution

TCS has used its methodologies, tools, and platforms to design cutting-edge genomics research services that include:

  • Strategy and Design

  • Sequencing Services

  • Genome Analysis

  • Marker Identification

From formulating the research problem to gathering the research outcome, , namely:

  • Research problem elucidation

  • Experiments planning

  • Developing a bioinformatics strategy

  • Sequencing

  • Pipeline development

  • Genome analysis

It is strong testimony to our solution that we contributed in genome analysis for SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorders).


  • Scale all niche services to suit research size

  • Get accurate data using patented genomics analysis solutions

  • Sequence experiments using state-of-the-art genomics laboratory

  • Focus continuously on innovation and continued research

  • Use scientific expertise to support projects

  • Identify the relevant data, do pattern recognition, and leverage it

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