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Empowering Digital Explorers

A key TCS program is helping students across the learning spectrum connect with IT interests.


TCS UK&I’s IT Futures program aims to engage students at critical stages in education – from the secondary to the university level. The program also helps educators deliver effective training and relevant skills in the IT field. IT Futures aims to reconnect young people possessing an innate enthusiasm for technology to their roots. In 2017, this geography also launched Digital Explorers – Experience Work, a program that gave over 360 students real-life insights into the tech industry during its first edition in London.

So far, IT Futures has brought together over 1,300 employees from across the UK to help promote digital skills. Since 2013, TCS has dedicated over 8,000 hours to this program, and engaged more than 170,000 students. TCS also supports the Big Bang Fair, which is the largest celebration for young scientists and engineers in the UK. Another initiative under the IT Futuresumbrella is the TechFuture Ambassadors program.