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Why convenience stores need to reinvent themselves

The Covid-19 pandemic has been disruptive in more ways than one. It has made us more purpose focused with community and people at the center of it. We strongly believe that the way forward to realizing the true purpose of an organization is through leveraging the ecosystem for delivering an exceptional experience.

The business of convenience stores, which bore the brunt of the pandemic, is no more just about convenience but also safety and experience for the customer and the community. With the rise in electric and autonomous vehicles and changing customer expectations, it is even more important for a C-store to pivot to become a point of experience for the customer and not just a point of sale.

Enhancing customer experience in retail through hyper personalization is the key to the future of convenience stores.

Read the attached POV for our vision to enable the C-Store strategy. 

Rena Agarwal

AVP and Sales Leader, TCS North America, Customer Channels and Digital Products

Alistair Davidson

Senior Content Strategist, TCS Interactive


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