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TCS Helps Mace Set Up Next-Gen Oracle Support Center

Aligning functional IT with business processes maximizes ROI of Oracle Fusion implementation

Mace Group Ltd.
Engineering and Construction
Cloud Consulting Oracle Support Services


Enterprise-wide digital transformation mandated shift from traditional support center

Mace has been at the forefront of construction innovation for over three decades. Understanding its customers, supply-chain partners, and the larger environment it operates in plays a key role in its success. The company wanted to create a fully connected organization to enhance this understanding in a digital-first world. To achieve this objective, Mace implemented an ‘Oracle Fusion in the Cloud’ service center. However, given its global footprint, creating a digitally sophisticated service center that could help unlock the full potential of Oracle Fusion Applications proved more complex than anticipated.



TCS drives innovation and excellence using a hybrid support model

Mace partnered with TCS to establish a next-gen Oracle Support Center (OSC). by bridging the gap between business process understanding, organizational vision, and technology requirements. OSC not only streamlined all the support processes, but also provided consulting, solutioning, and advisory services. A competency center was established as the nucleus of the OSC. It provided strategic advisory for reporting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes. This, in turn, enabled Mace to make more informed decisions related to Oracle Fusion implementation. Furthermore, business transaction services offered by OSC helped enhance efficiency for various transactional processes and empowered business users to focus on more value-driven tasks.

TCS’ consultative expertise helped us focus on customer experience

Michelle Barkess, CIO, Mace


TCS helps Mace streamline operations while reducing errors, accelerating resolution times

TCS’ competency center harmonized the Oracle Support Centre’s IT process by effectively creating a collaborative and engaging platform for issue discussion and end-to-end resolution. Automation of key transactional processes enabled Mace to better manage expenses, reduce costs, boost its supplier relationship, and ensure contract, legal tax, and policy compliance.


Reduction in efforts for transactional tasks


Increase in business transaction efficiency for procurement business


Enhancement in overall business user experience

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