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Enterprises that aren’t setting themselves up for continual digital disruption and evolution are  setting themselves up for stagnancy, redundancy, and the dreaded possibility of being rendered irrelevant.

An innovation strategy for growth is, therefore, a non-negotiable requirement for industry today. And bringing that innovation strategy to life requires a focused, fertile environment where digital disruption is not just welcomed, but nurtured.

A TCS Pace Port™  is that physical and digital space – a phygital hub – where innovation is not just shaped but rendered into a real, living, breathing, moving entity. Pace Ports are fertile terrain for ideation, agility, and a future-proofed, repeatable model that’s architectured to expedite and scale your innovation. It unifies the best of TCS’ capabilities in one place, so you can take your business where you want it to go–by design, with a plan, and with setting your sights on a pre-defined business outcome.  

What do you get when you enter a Pace Port? Here’s a window to all of our features.

Agile Innovation Cloud (AIC)

A TCS framework for innovation by design, AIC helps you build strategy by identifying disruptors and opportunities, creating an innovation portfolio, and scaling the innovation.

Pace Sprints

A short, time-boxed period – a methodology deployed as part of the AIC framework— Pace Sprints deliver valuable outcomes that help businesses learn faster and minimize their risk on investment.

TCS Innovation Showcases

A presentation and engagement facility that helps you visualize the best of TCS Innovation and the phases of a digital transformation journey.  It offers an entry point to explore the world of Innovation @TCS, along with industry specific use case demos and TCS Research and Innovation assets.

TCS Academic Research Labs

A space that allows researchers to gain exposure to the thinking and collaborative ecosystem research environment enabled by TCS, while furthering a research agenda across cutting-edge technology areas such as AI, blockchain, advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and quantum computing.

TCS COIN™ Accelerator

A collaborative space for a network comprising TCS associates, client teams, academia, and start-ups to co-innovate and co-create.

TCS Agile Workspaces

A fully equipped agile working environment to run business solution concepts, with devoted virtual environments engineered to emulate real-world conditions.

TCS Rapid Labs

A capability aimed to expedite innovation through rapid prototyping, TCS Rapid Labs expedite innovation—getting it to move faster from concept to design and experience.

TCS Think Spaces

A design thinking workspace tailored to apply design thinking in discovering engaging ways to build new businesses and new sources of differentiation. Our design thinking workshops are tailored and customized to help clients uncover new game-changing opportunities.

TCS Digital Library

A digital repository of curated thought leadership content from TCS Innovation.

TCS Pace Ports have a global presence.

We’re in New York (on the Cornell Tech campus), in Pittsburgh (on the Carnegie Mellon campus), Amsterdam, Japan, and Toronto. Connect with us to sharpen your innovation strategy. Book a meeting with us. Disrupt, innovate, scale, conquer.



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