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Partner Program Advantage

The TCS Digital Software & Solutions (DS&S) Partner Program is designed and built from the ground up with Business Partner value in mind.

We strive to provide the strongest possible business proposition, such that our Partners can create a profitable, sustainable, growing business while offering truly differentiated, high value digital transformation solutions for their customers for years to come.

TCS is a recognized industry leader, and our offerings, incentives and support will take your organization to the next level.

Join us on this wonderful journey!

Why Partner with us?

  • If organizations want to survive and grow in today’s world, digital transformation is essential.
  • In order to succeed in digital transformation, there needs to be a change in mindset, from selling products to selling customer experiences.
  • Exceptional customer experiences require organizations to understand their customers better than anyone else… so they can serve them better than anyone else.

To that end,  our solutions offer a truly innovative, simplified and compelling approach to digital transformation.

Advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Faster Time to Value: Pre-built, out-of-the-box, industry-specific use cases shorten sales cycles, simplify implementations and accelerate time to value.
  • Lower TCO: Built on open source technologies, customers experience rapid, continuous innovation at a lower cost
  • Current Investments are protected and complimented: Solutions are modular, so customers have flexibility to “buy what they need”, depending on where they are in their digital transformation maturity, and what complementary systems are currently in place, and grow from there.
  • Flexible Deployment Model: On premises or cloud (Azure, AWS, others), with a convenient, cost effective subscription pricing model.
  • Enterprise-ready: Built to fit existing IT environments with enterprise-grade security and scalability. (This is NOT a rip and replace model). Great for upselling existing customers, as well as acquiring net new customers.
  • Future-readiness for the “Connected Economy”: Our software products are fully integrated to leverage Big Data, IoT, machine learning and connected ecosystems
  • Extensibility: Partners can leverage available APIs to provide their own value add, with new or customized use cases.
Partner Program At-A-Glance

The TCS Digital Software and Solutions (DS&S) Partner Program is designed to help you quickly get on-boarded, enabled and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to engage potential customers and address their important business challenges. TCS DS&S Partners play an integral role in our go-to-market strategy and overall success, and we are fully committed to your profitable growth, offering attractive margins and a product portfolio that proves its value quickly and is supported by world class service and support.

The TCS DS&S Partner Program provides a valuable business proposition making it easy to succeed, with several key elements. Partners benefit from:

  • An exceptional portfolio of integrated, modular, purpose-built, digital transformation solutions
  • Entry into emerging technologies (Big Data Analytics, IoT, AI, Machine Learning)
  • Access to TCS’ deep technology, industry and business knowledge and support, based on 45+ years of successful IT service and solution experience, with proven success in digital transformation projects
  • Large addressable markets, including but not limited to Retail, Banking , Communications and Cities
  • Economic model focused on value and profitability
  • Incremental services opportunity, including integration services, hosting, white labelling, complimentary application development
  • Personal attention to growth by dedicated sales, marketing, technical and services support teams to help you WIN every step of the way!
Partner Program Levels

TCS Digital Software & Solutions (DS&S) expertise in industry leading software solutions, combined with your skills in identifying and addressing business needs, provides customers with a targeted, industry specific solution that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

The TCS DS&S Partner Program is a multi-tiered model with three Partnership levels. Each level provides benefits that will prepare and support you in achieving your business objectives, and the benefits increase as your revenue and investment commitments increase.

Business Partners can enroll in the DS&S Partner Program either directly with TCS DS&S or through an authorized TCS DS&S distributor. The Partnership level is established as part of the initial application process. A collaborative review is conducted annually to ensure the Partner is in the correct tier.

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