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Leveraging the power of platform-based ecosystems to compete & collaborate

Platform-based ecosystems in the pensions industry is the new way for players to innovate through a combination of different businesses to supplement their core offerings. The benefits are abundant -- faster speed-to-market for new products and services, lower friction and costs, superior market differentiation, and value-rich customer experience (CX). A few areas where platform-based ecosystems hold enormous potential are:

  • Payroll Integration: Pensions payroll integration implies automated movement of employee data to pension providers for contribution deductions.

  • Member Identification and Bank Account Verification: Enabling a ‘trust ecosystem’ creates a cross-industry, verified Digital ID’ to eliminate repetitive authentication processes, accelerate time to value, and enhance CX. 

  • Document Verification: In order to avoid pension scams, it is imperative for pension providers to authenticate member identity documents via an AI-enabled identity document verification tool.

Shalini Joshi

Banking Industry Advisor, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Platforms Business Unit, TCS


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