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As urbanization continues at an unprecedented rate, planners and administrators are find it increasingly difficult to provide intelligent, safe, and sustainable cities and work environments to the occupants. The challenge before them is to achieve more viable and modernized urban living conditions and workplaces with limited resources. For this, city leaders need to leverage data from multiple Smart City 1.0 sources to provide services that promote sustainable living and economic development.

TCS Solution

Designed to accelerate the implementation of smart IoT initiatives in a cost-effective manner, the TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange™ (IUX) IoT Analytics for Smart Cities and Businesses is a modular, insight-centric platform that provides smart software solutions to address the challenges of a modern-day city. This cloud platform leverages data from multiple domains, systems, and IoT devices and runs advanced analytics that support real-time decision-making.

The solution supports innovative use case modules such as City Command Center, Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Energy, Intelligent Water, and Workplace Resilience, for efficient and cost-effective transportation, water, energy, and workplace management across urban centers. Based on unique city-centric analytics, the TCS IUX platform provides a connected, optimized ecosystem for enhanced city sustainability and safer workplaces.


  • Deliver a unique view of all events across city and companies for effective management  
  • Optimize cross-domain coordination of key functions and resources
  • Reduce capital expenses with As-a-Service subscription pricing
  • Accelerate implementation with seamless data transformation and custom applications
  • Make city operations and services more resilient with smart city solutions
  • Accurately determine the extent of specific incidents and enhance real-time decisions
  • Improve citizen and employee satisfaction & safety with smart cities software solutions

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