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At TCS, we believe enterprises will be at the heart of building a more sustainable future. With global issues changing the way we live, work and play, leading global organisations see sustainability and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) as the key drivers of their future success.

Adopting sustainable practices worldwide is the greatest challenge that we face today. Embedding sustainability in digital transformations is the key to a more sustainable and resilient future for all. It can help us reimagine outcomes, revitalise our planet, create transformational ecosystems, and address inequality .

This is the Dawn of the Sustainable Enterprise.

Join us at TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2022 as we have meaningful conversations with leading business and thought leaders on the power of embedding sustainability at the heart of an enterprise’s digital core. Such businesses score high on resilience and growth while keeping their environmental and social commitments.

The agenda for the Summit will focus on these three core themes.

Experiential: The importance of keeping the focus on people as businesses adopt digital technology.

Innovation: How best to build a culture of development that can help organisations remain agile and transformative.

Resilience: The ability to respond to new challenges and opportunities by making sure stability is built into the enterprise’s wireframe.

We will hear from leading industry thought leaders, politicians, futurists, and racing car drivers, all of whom have embarked on a journey of embedding and adopting sustainability at the core of everything they do.

Hosted over two days, TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2022 is an exclusive, invite-only event for Asia Pacific’s most distinguished C-Suite, board members and senior executives. TCS Summit Asia Pacific is a certified 100% carbon neutral and zero-food waste event.




Speakers at TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2022

Connect directly with Asia Pacific leaders and senior directors across the region. Watch this space for exciting announcements on the TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2022 speaker line up.

Check here for our distinguished speakers - coming soon!

Take a look back at past highlights of TCS Summit Asia Pacific.


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