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Run for Reconciliation: TCS supports 75 Indigenous Marathon Foundation runners as they participate in the 2022 Canberra Times Marathon Festival, and the 2022 TCS New York City marathon.

The 2022 Canberra Times Marathon Festival lived up to its name. The sounds of race horns blowing and spectators cheering, the excitement of running, and the jubilation of crossing the finish line marked the event held on April 10, 2022. 

Together with Sole Motive and the Indigenous Marathon Foundation, TCS, the official Presenting and App Partner of the event for the fifth consecutive year, pushed the boundaries of running in the Australia’s capital. Canberra saw over 5,000 participants build on their belief and conviction as runners across the full-length and half marathons and the 10k and 5k races.

TCS drew on its long-standing partnership with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) to introduce the Run for Reconciliation—an initiative to support and recognize the Indigenous community. The participants from TCS took this opportunity to celebrate the Indigenous people and encourage runners from this community to participate in several running events globally.

TCS leveraged the power of innovation to help participants connect with the rich history and culture of the Ngunawal, the indigenous people of Canberra. The TCS Canberra Times Marathon Festival app helped raise awareness of the local Indigenous history by detailing 14 places of historical significance for the Ngunawal people across the event’s 42km course. This feature lets runners and spectators view these places on the interactive map and pop-up windows as they pass or arrive at the locations. The app enhanced the running experience by allowing participants to map the course and track their performance with real-time data. 

On that day, thousands of runners crossed the finish line; but the one true winner was the belief in each of them. 

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