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TCS Pace™ reimagined manufacturing, finance, procurement, and supply chain at biopharma giant Takeda, and facilitated the digital transformation of several processes across the company. 

Between the years 2019-2022, the digital factory has released 12 digital products for Takeda and reduced time-to-market for new products and services by 50%.


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited partnered with TCS in September 2019 to develop an end-to-end BizDevOps digital product delivery model. The idea was to push the pedal on developing digital-led products, to innovate at scale, and transform customer experience in the areas of supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, and finance.

Takeda creates treatments for patients in multiple therapy areas, including small molecule and oncology, biologics, plasma and cell, and gene. In the pharmaceutical industry, as is seen in many other sectors, the development of technology assets has traditionally been approached via fixed long-term planning processes that rely on project-based information technology life cycles, and monolithic enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies that underpin complex global business processes.

Takeda and TCS together saw room for enhanced agility, collaboration, improved end-user experiences, and an opportunity to build more granular digital products and services on lean cloud platform. 

Innovation at scale, and end-to-end

Leveraging TCS Pace™, a philosophy and framework for innovation at scale, an innovation factory delivery model—Enhanced Digital Global Experience (EDGE)—was built to help support the way Takeda launches digital products and services across its global organization.

This agile factory-based model co-innovates solutions across multiple operating units at Takeda, leveraging cloud technologies, design thinking, and agile software development to provide an end-to-end digital product development service. The approach is a departure from the traditional business analysis and design-build-test linear project life cycle, to one of co-creation, cross-functional collaboration, and continuous business-driven iteration.

“Through our partnership with TCS, we have established a digital factory to deliver innovative products and services—this is known internally as ‘EDGE’. Using the factory, we intake critical business challenges and then output high-value digital products and services using emerging technologies. Our digital products are creating significant impact and we are scaling the factory model in response to growing demand for our services.”

 - Nathalie Van Damme | EDGE Platform Lead, Takeda









“Since 2019, we have developed a deep partnership with TCS to set up and run an innovation factory that’s developing digital products and services across Takeda. This model centralizes domain expertise, design thinking and lean agile product development as part of an end-to-end capability that is driving digital transformation across our global supply chain.”

 - Hansjoerg Magalhaes | Global Product Manager, ERP Commercial and Supply, Takeda


The numbers do the talking

Between the years 2019-2022, the digital factory has: 

  • Released 12 digital products 
  • Evaluated over 40 potential use case concepts 
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products and services by 50%
  • Conducted 40+ design sprints

These years have also been a witness to massive shifts in how enterprises operate internally and function within the global marketplace. The pandemic and its fallout have forced a rethink on traditional ways of functioning and delivery.  

At Takeda, instituting the factory model at such a time allowed for innovation at scale and speed to produce an all-encompassing digital transformation with TCS as its ally.