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Disruptive marketplace and competitive environment are reshaping the way businesses function in the Business 4.0™ world. Focused on creating future-ready, intelligent and agile enterprise, organizations are embarking on digital transformation journeys. Enterprises embrace a robust digital core powered by SAP to stay ahead of the curve.

However, adopting SAP S/4HANA is complex, costly, time-consuming and adds the risk of disrupting business continuity. To overcome these challenges, enterprises look for best-in-class industry pre-configured solutions with process automation capabilities. 

TCS Solution

TCS Crystallus™ is a . Powered by assets and accelerators, our solutions include industry-specific templates, best practices, and comprehensive documentation of configurations and business processes.

 Leveraging TCS MFDM™ framework, our solution for SAP S/4HANA-enabled transformation improves customer satisfaction, maximizes stakeholder value, accelerates time-to-market processes, and drives business growth. TCS Crystallus can be adopted for various industry segments including life sciences, hi-tech, professional services, and travel and transportation.


TCS Crystallus delivers the following business benefits:

  • Accelerate time-to-market and business transformation by 20 to 30% 
  • Adopt industry-specific best practices for competitive advantage 
  • Drive continuous innovations to stay ahead of the curve
  • Embrace new business models to stay resilient and purpose-led 
  • Minimize business disruption with a proven approach 


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