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The pace of cloud adoption and technology modernization in healthcare and life sciences has been slow owing to a large legacy infrastructure landscape running on change-resistive, monolith architectures. Despite a constant revamp to the application layers, enterprises are still locked at a legacy data layer, and any error in data processing or system outages could impact patient lives adversely.

The accumulation of technology debt is a major factor that is driving these enterprises to develop cloud migration strategies, fulfilling demands for performance-intensive IT that can create customer value and achieve digital transformation. They are tapping into the potential of cloud which offers a scalable foundation for technology-driven innovation and adopting technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), conversational platforms, machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA).

TCS has been a longstanding trusted technology partner for global healthcare and life sciences enterprises. As a mature partner of AWS, TCS provides an extensive portfolio of healthcare and life sciences solutions. TCS helps enterprises to move to AWS’ platform which provides industry-grade security and privacy controls compliant with regulatory standards. By leveraging AWS cloud, enterprises stand to gain a faster pace of innovation, harness the potential of data, and personalize the healthcare journey for customers. TCS offers the following services on AWS cloud environments:

  • Transformation of operations using cognitive computing

  • Digital capabilities across the life sciences value chain with a focus on big data, analytics and IoT

  • Bioinformatics and translational research

  • TCS Advanced Drug Development (ADD) platform

  • Life sciences interactive and pharmaceutical commercial business services

TCS caters to large global pharmaceuticals, hospital networks, pharmacies, and medical device makers. We leverage our digital focus to create patient-centric solutions in drug discovery, clinical research, care management and other segments, anchored in TCS’ innovation labs and Co-Innovation NetworkTM (TCS COINTM) which provides an environment for sophisticated IT research in cutting-edge technologies.



TCS’ life sciences offerings on AWS cloud provide the following benefits:

Accelerate the ability to harness data-driven insights leveraging AI and ML services on AWS to improve business outcomes 

Improve the performance of data, analytics, and machine learning workloads 


Ensure security and regulatory compliance, and control patient data completely

Drive data interoperability and ecosystem-wide collaboration through APIs


TCS Advantage

  • End-to-end service portfolio across application maintenance, upgrade, transformation, implementation and rollouts

  • Factory-based delivery models aligned to requirements for pharmaceutical innovations

  • ignioTM enables automation which has been implemented for multiple life science enterprises



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