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  • United Airlines modernized its operations with TCS Aviana™, an intelligent airline operations solution on AWS cloud.
  • With insights from across digital touchpoints and ecosystem partners, the airline could boost transparency and efficiency in its operations.
  • United Airlines can now detect operational deviations and mitigate hurdles faster, resulting in a glitch-free travel experience for customers.


Airline operations management is mission-critical and incredibly complex due to its global nature.  

For United Airlines, managing massive operations involving 5,000 daily departures across more than 300 airports and 3,000 operations personnel are day-to-day tasks. On-time operations is a code it lives by and a promise to its customers. United realized it needed seamless collaboration and interoperability among business units and ecosystem partners to meet this commitment. It wanted to empower its frontline staff with real-time information on all airline operations. It needed a digital tool for up-to-the-minute data to inform better decision-making.  


United Airlines teamed up with TCS to embark on a global operations transformation.  

Here’s what it focused on: 

Driving intuitive operations 

United connected its siloed systems using TCS Aviana, a suite of intelligent airline operations solutions on AWS cloud. Aviana identifies deviations in operations and flags severity based on thresholds set in the airlines’ operational plan. The early visibility into critical operational deviations, such as missed passenger connections and baggage delays that the solution provides, enables United to take proactive action and mitigate operational issues faster. 

Using connected data insights from multiple operational areas 

To make sense of the massive amount of operational data it had to deal with every day, United used Amazon MSK for real-time processing of large data volumes, Amazon EMR for large-scale parallel processing of data, and Amazon Open Search for accelerated retrieval of data.

Driving proactive decisions through cloud-based platform 

The TCS solution generates insights that will predict and help mitigate operational issues.



With cloud as the unifying digital fabric, you can reimagine your industry value chains with purpose-led ecosystems. Our decade-long collaboration with AWS, along with our technology expertise and deep contextual knowledge about your businesses, can help you accelerate time to value.

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Working with TCS and AWS Cloud, United Airlines could reimagine its operations and deliver on its promise to make every flight a positive experience for customers.

  • Operational excellence: Configured 500+ operations anomalies; flags nearly 400 business events per second for immediate remediation
  • Integrated operations view: Monitored, measured, and unified the performance of United Airlines and its subsidiaries for real-time travel intelligence across stakeholders 
  • Drives operation through ‘manage by exception’ philosophy: Allow frontline teams to focus on value-driven decision-making, powering operational efficiencies, and elevating customer experience
  • Future-ready foundation for global operations: TCS’ cloud-based Aviana solution provides a ready platform for future enhancements and initiatives as part of United’s global operations transformation.

TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.

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