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TCS Wealth Advisory Solution – Recommendation Engine

Improve the quality of investment with analytics.



Financial Advisors (FAs) at wealth management firms and private banks rely on research for devising investment strategies for high net worth individuals. With limited time at hand, FAs constantly struggle to analyze an exhaustive list of reports. While many wealth managers have deployed different types of financial advisory software to facilitate process automation and mobility, very few solutions enabled FAs to formulate customized investment strategies by leveraging Big Data and analytics.

TCS Solution

for clients by factoring in a given client’s investment policy statement constraints, the Financial Advisor’s preferences, the client’s existing portfolio, historic transactions and other key deterministic, stochastic, and judgmental factors.

Our tablet-based solution visualizes the capabilities of Big Data and analytics engine by providing recommendations to the Financial Advisor through different views. This feature enables the Financial Advisor to easily review a short list of personalized recommendations for both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios. Our App also provides features that enable the Financial Advisor to collaboratively discuss portfolios with the client and make a joint investment decision in case of a non-discretionary portfolio.


  • Improve client portfolio returns and revenues

  • Increase client retention

  • Increase Assets Under Management (AUM)

  • Reduce talent attrition

  • Add features and upgrades

  • Configure to suit a firm's investment philosophy

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