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No-code platform for democratization of AI and data-driven decisions


BFSI industry is looking to enable decision-making with data-driven actionable insights. However, data science initiatives at most enterprises are executed in a siloed manner, and data scientists often lack business knowledge to enable data-driven decision-making. Further, the lack of data science skills prevents businesses from leveraging the value of machine learning in their operations or realizing the value of data that they already possess.


TCS AI Studio enables democratization of data to facilitate data-driven business decisions, transformation, and innovation. Using an agile approach, the no-code AI Studio facilitates the development of machine learning models and publishes approved ML models as APIs that can be integrated with business processes. It provides the following capabilities:

  • Data acquisition: Leverage data from sources such as local files, public data APIs and enterprise data sources.
  • Data preprocessing and visualization: Transform raw data into insights via visualization and correlation kurtosis. Remove any experimental errors and manage missing values.
  • ML algorithm training: Create and retain ML models with algorithm suggestions, learning algorithms, algorithm configuration, and model prediction accuracy.
  • Model management: Maintain versions and manage ML model lifecycles.
  • Prediction utilities: Validate models using test utilities and integrate APIs for live predictions.


The solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Reduce operational time and costs for AI/ML development initiatives by at least 50%
  • Democratize AI and enable business units to discover the potential of data
  • Efficient data science initiatives via on-demand predictive models built on historical data 
  • Create differentiation, value by focusing on business-led thinking approach, innovation
  • Plug AI into existing systems and minimize IT limitations

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