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While artificial intelligence has the potential to transform customer experience and improve business operations, most enterprises are yet to leverage it optimally. Even though Chatbots are being used as basic FAQ engines they are unable to process complex queries, multilingual requirements, and culture-specific approaches. Companies need powerful, next-gen bots to take on hundreds of use cases and ease pressure on contact centre executives without undue IT dependence.


TCS Conversational AI Platform has an extensive library of use cases for all industries – from Business to IT Operations. Business users can utilise graphical flow orchestration to create chat flow, configure use cases, preconfigure knowledge base for culture-specific interactions.

TCS Conversational AI Platform helps firms transform operations, enabling personalized, highly interactive customer experience with following features:

  • Diverse support capabilities: Engages with customers in a variety of languages through self-service or assisted service
  • Rapid deployment: Reduces time-to-market and deployment effort by quickly customizing the solution to business-specific use cases
  • Interactive channel adapters: Comes with multiple adapters for seamless integration with Web, mobile, Voice Assistants, Digital Humans, Robots, contact center solutions, live chat, Microsoft teams, and social media channels 


By using TCS Conversational AI Platform - equipped with advanced features such as one-stop channel integration, intelligent OCR, and named entity recognition - organizations could achieve the following benefits:

  • Faster time-to-market: Leverage the solution’s extensive knowledge base, spanning over 150 use cases, to accelerate conversational rollout
  • Wider market reach: Connect with a vast user base spread across the globe with multilingual support for more than 20 languages
  • Reduced IT dependency: Enable business users to configure use cases independently and decide chat flows, without technical intervention, through Graphical Flow Orchestration and exception handlers
  • Streamlined development: Aid solution development for technical teams with built-in industry-focused entities and reusable code configurations

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