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Vodafone UK is committed to using best-in-class tools to simplify and streamline its automation platform with the twin purpose of earning customer loyalty and improving employee engagement. However, automating business processes comes with a number of challenges. Each project tends to be focused on a specific set of business requirements and as a result, it is difficult for any project to deliver additional value outside its scope.

Vodafone UK, therefore, wanted to deploy a future-ready, unified automation platform that would enable the telecom major to automate its processes at an accelerated pace and deliver new types of solutions at relatively lower costs than before. Vodafone UK wanted to scale up in an industrialized manner, led by a vision of what they like to call, 'automating the automation'.

TCS has been Vodafone UK’s delivery partner for over eight years, working on a variety of very successful business process automation programs. TCS’ contextual knowledge about Vodafone’s business processes helped in creating this automation platform, which will now be upheld as the foundation for all future automation projects. This unified automation platform built on the DevOps framework uses a standardized set of tools, enabling employees to test it, deploy it into production, and operate it, much faster.

With all the building blocks in place for holistic automation, the telecom major is now focusing on maximizing reusability across the UK. Towards that, Vodafone UK is working closely with multiple business teams to build a backlog and deliver new use cases. In addition, with the improved process automation, employees will now be free from repetitive and routine jobs and instead will be able to focus on business-critical tasks and innovation. Having cemented the ongoing partnership with this multifaceted project, Vodafone UK and TCS have taken business process automation to the next level.