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Tunde Adebayo

Industry Advisor and Senior Consultant, Communications, Media and Technology, TCS

Four pathways to developing a successful digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation is the key to success in a hyper-agile business environment. While communications service providers (CSPs) are investing heavily in automation, they are struggling to create an enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy. Many of the barriers to digital transformation are linked to legacy systems, inadequate networks, and a piecemeal approach to digitalization. More importantly, digital transformation requires a fundamental shift in organizational culture. In order to remain competitive and enhance customer experience, CSPs can consider the following digital pathways:

  • Digital company: Operating online with digital sales contributing to a large part of revenues
  • Digital products: Leveraging the existing brand and investments to launch digital products
  • Digital brands: Creating a new digital brand that leverages the parent company’s infrastructure
  • Digital transformation: Integrating digital technology into business operations for enhanced efficiencies