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Vikas Agarwal

Senior Consultant, Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS

Create a cognitive framework to transform data management on 5G networks

Even as 5G networks are evolving, the volume of both structured and unstructured data transmitted over them is increasing rapidly. By leveraging machine learning in data management, cognitive computing can enhance the accessibility, storage, and performance of heterogenous data. Moreover, the degree of complexity within networks is increasing with the development of next-generation radio access networks (next-gen RAN) and the implementation of open-source software and off-the-shelf servers.

What telcos need is a cognitive framework that can revolutionize the planning, creation, and management of data capacities over 5G networks. The framework should be adaptive enough to navigate and analyze dynamic data in real time. It should understand different contextual scenarios and identify patterns while being able to handle diverse data sets. A comprehensive cognitive system will not just support decision-making but also help telecom companies unlock the full potential of 5G networks.