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Samir Kanta Satapathy

Consulting Partner, Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS

Digitalizing the design of radio access networks to meet quality and coverage needs

Modern communications systems are complex. The ever-increasing demand for quality and coverage are pushing communications service providers (CSPs) to constantly look out for newer solutions and optimize existing ones. In order to facilitate the rapid rise of new age technologies like 5G, CSPs will have to start transforming the underlying telecom infrastructure, right from the way network devices are designed.

Digital transformation of RAN-design services (radio access networks) is imperative to running futuristic wireless networks. Reasons to embrace next generation radio access networks include:

  • RANs are becoming open, flexible and interoperable, and so a unified, vendor-agnostic platform created using a digital network design assurance model is critical to ensure optimal operations

  • CSPs are striving to deploy 5G services through 5G New Radio (5G NR), the global standard for unified, superior wireless air interfaces, and so it is necessary to transform RAN architecture for 5G.