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Mounir Merhi

OSS Segment Head and Principal Consultant, Networks Solutions Group, Communications, Media and Information, TCS

Reimagining OSS for a new beginning 

Traditional Operations Support Systems lack holistic visibility into network and service performance, in addition to inaccurate and limited real-time information on network resources. The post-COVID reality is creating a pressing need for network virtualization to meet the demands of high reliability, throughput, and speed for digital ways of working. CSPs must embrace softwarization of network infrastructure to create a digital next-gen OSS characterized through:

⦁ Resource independent service models with OSS maintaining accurate service and resource inventory

⦁ Highly computerized networks with dynamic service topologies in the OSS

⦁ Ingestion of network data with increasing volume, velocity and variety

⦁ Automated policy management realized by advanced analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms, and business rules       

⦁ Open and secure APIs delivering OSS functions as a service