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Allianz Indonesia needed an agile and responsive approach to defect-free product delivery.


Insurance, as an industry, is still maturing in Indonesia, and operating here can be challenging for insurance companies. Rising operational costs, losses from natural disasters, and fluctuating demands was proving to be an uphill task for Allianz Indonesia. Evolving regulations and rapidly changing customer demands were driving them to be agile, adaptable, and responsive to deliver defect-free products to their customers. 



TCS builds an in-house test center and designs a sustainable governance process.


TCS employs a first-time-right approach to build a multi-vendor test center for Allianz. The primary goal of this engagement was to create a test center that could ultimately be operated by the Allianz team. To achieve this, we began by analyzing and defining the enterprise test process in detail, which unearthed several gaps. Our team of quality assurance and testing experts defined a roadmap to close these gaps and rolled out a robust framework. We then built the platform for the test center with the right competency mapping. Our Assurance Academy delivered customized training to Allianz to make them completely self-sufficient. Allianz Indonesia now had a fully-functional test center. Finally, we instituted several best practices to improve test coverage, increase operational efficiency, and implemented a transparent governance model. Allianz Indonesia’s Quality Assurance team were now in total control with a test maturity model that adopted a managed rather than reactive approach. Today Allianz Indonesia’s is better positioned to drive growth and better retain customers in the Indonesian insurance market.


“TCS has laid the foundation for a successful implementation...”

Mike Sutton, Chief Information Officer, PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia