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Tryg Forsikring wanted to provide easily-accessible, user-friendly customer interactions.


Tryg Forsikring’s self-service platform was not available on mobile devices or tablets, and its interfaces were challenging to navigate.

As a result, 65% of customers visiting the claims notification portal dropped out without completing the process. The company ended up calling back most customers to collect more data.

The insurance provider decided to upgrade their offerings to meet the needs of their customer base. They needed a partner who could create a pathfinder initiative and pilot various digital solutions to set the foundation for future digitization of their customer interaction.



TCS designs and deploys a modern, digitally-enabled self-service platform in 3 months.


TCS applied its Personal Assistant solution accelerator to create a brand new, cloud-ready claims notification system and workflow.

We designed a responsive user interface to optimize customer journeys, and built dynamic and intelligent forms to minimize the amount of data input required. This helped further integrate Tryg Forsikring’s data systems to present an intelligent and personalized flow instead of generic screens for every customer.

Our cloud-ready platform allows for seamless movements to public clouds in future.


TCS creates a balanced and innovative insurance pricing model.


We implemented agile development practices to achieve a low time-to-market. For instance, .

We established an innovative pricing model that created a balance between services based pricing and milestone based pricing to cover solution implementation, hyper-care, and application maintenance.

What Made it happen


With real-time interaction management, TCS’ solution helps clients improve customer relationship management and offer omnichannel customer experience. Learn more.


TCS’ agent analytics solution enables data-driven decision making for insurers to manage their agents, improve their performance, & drive business growth.


TCS’ Underwriting Transformation Solution addresses three key areas: ML-based information extraction, modelled and non-model losses and analytics to estimate probable financial losses, and supply-side disruptions.