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Experience Results

AG Insurance’s internal IT Teams and TCS collaborated to form 'One team' and it reflected in the results when the project was conceptualized and delivered within 12 months. Frederic said “Launching a project like Yongo is a challenge, because its a first time AG Insurance launched such a big project, there was lot of new things in it, digital transformation, and innovation, and innovation is a very hard thing and in that journey it was good to have TCS as a partner.”

Experience Partnership

Discussing the partnership, Frederick highlights how “TCS acted as committed partner during the engagement by being very close in the core team” and Benny added “I think TCS was very flexible in helping us to find the right people to staff the project to help people with technical background, user experience background, we put them all together…… and they found always a solution for the problems so, this was very very positive”

Experience Leadership

TCS collaborated with AG’s internal team to leverage digital technology to drive growth and help them move forward in their business 4.0 journey.

Benny highlights “There are lot of things to be proud of because it’s the first online platform that we have in Belgium,….but also the way we realized, it was the first time, that we had a dedicated team to realize this project with external partners from different levels, and we are very proud that it’s the first project and the first project was a success”. Frederick mentions “It was a great experience, one of the most difficult years of my life but looking back I would certainly do it again.”