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Adopt a public sector-compliant human resource and capital management system


Inaccurate organizational structure, ineffective workload distribution, and non-availability of important information often create problems for enterprises in managing human capital. Besides, the non-standardized policies, lack of automation resulting in wastage of efforts, and shortage of funds due to budget cuts also become quite a hassle. Hence, enterprises worldwide are on the lookout for a comprehensive human resource management system that mitigates these challenges and ensures a smooth workflow.


Based on Rapid Transformation Methodology, the TCS DigiGOV™ HRMS solution offers end-to-end HR/HCM services to enterprises to encompass the entire lifecycle of employees. Armed with a public sector-compliant framework and a shared services platform, the solution helps mitigate challenges faced by enterprises, such as non-standardized processes, frequent changes in organization structure, and manpower wastage.


By leveraging the TCS DigiGOV™ HRMS solution, enterprises across the globe can reap the following benefits:

  • Achieve operational savings up to 25%-30%

  • Monitor corporate objectives and assist in continuous service improvement

  • Focus on business and policy compliance rather than administrative efforts

  • Provide access to HR processes anywhere, anytime through any preferred channel

  • Focus on business and policy compliance rather than administrative efforts

  • Ensure system uptake with minimum training using a highly intuitive user interface

  • Allow continuous fine-tuning based on feedback from users

  • Ensure significant cost savings with a shared services platform


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