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Administering tax and revenue made quick, accurate, and simple.


The tax compliance process is usually too complex to operate intuitively. If tax liability is computed manually, errors creep in.

Instances of tax evasions go unnoticed if the process is not comprehensive enough, and citizens do not have access to easy-to-use services.

Effort spent in simply operating the system does not leave human resources any time for value-driven activities. 


and based on our proven analysis of government requirements.

We bring this focus and empathy not just through our solution, but also through our engagement - as we foresee the kinds of challenges that may arise.

Here are a few things TCS can assure you of:

  • Strong domain expertise: we know the complications and challenges organizations face

  • Specialized domain-specific solutions: our solutions are focused to address very specific problems

  • Consistent service delivery: organizations can count on the quality of our solution

  • Enhanced customer experience: our user-centric solutions simplify processes


  • Automate business processes

  • Eliminate manual errors

  • Widen the tax network

  • Control tax evasions

  • Satisfy citizens with easy access/operations


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