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Hawaiian Airlines aims to improve efficiency and strengthen its bottom line.

Airlines constantly need ways to reduce cost and improve efficiency. One such way is to implement new, streamlined processes, which are more efficient and cost less than legacy systems. Hawaiian Airlines (HA) aimed to transform its disparate processes and decentralized Accounts Payable (AP) system. Its main concerns were high cost per invoice, high invoice cycle time due to offline transactions, high dependency and low traceability due to offline user management, low efficiency due to lack of workflow history and multiple handoffs, no real-time visibility to vendors, and manual reporting.


HA leveraged TAP™, our proprietary cloud solution for procure-to-pay, that combines business process services, applications, and infrastructure.

Our solution delivered transformational value through centralization, standardization, and consolidation of HA’s fragmented processes. 100% digitization was achieved with online access to a single AP documents repository.

We improved automation by enabling features such as bulk invoice uploads, exceptions & approval routing, notifications, secured role-based access and audit trail.

"TAP™ has simplified our invoice management process."

Monica Tomimoto, Senior Director, Finance Operations, Hawaiian Airlines

TAP™ provided comprehensive online reporting on productivity, invoice status, and accrual. Our solution also facilitated self-service capabilities for invoice uploads and tracking, and enabled shared services for vendor data management.