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Brand logos are often rendered in a different style based on a context such as an event promotion. For example, Warner Bros. uses a different variety of their brand logo for different movies for promotion and aesthetic appeal. In this paper, we propose an automated method to render brand logos in the coloring style of branding material such as movie posters. For this, we adopt a photo-realistic neural style transfer method using movie posters as the style source. We propose a color-based image segmentation and matching method to assign style segments to logo segments. Using these, we render the well-known Warner Bros. logo in the coloring style of 141 movie posters. We also present survey results where 287 participants rate the machine-stylized logos for their representativeness and visual appeal.

Research area: Media, entertainment and advertising

Authors: Rishabh Agrawal, Sarath Sivaprasad, Niranjan Pedanekar

Conference/event: Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Conference date: June 2021