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Standardize, virtualize, and maximize IT infrastructure.


Enterprises of tomorrow need to create cost effective data centers.

However, IT infrastructure maintained in silos leads to operational inefficiencies. Also, business expansion plans often lead to frequent and unplanned infrastructure upgrades.

This results in significant financial and operational impact, which is further complicated by:

  • A lack of standardization

  • A central repository of reference documentation

  • Adequate support from third party vendors


TCS offers comprehensive data center solutions, including:

  • Virtualisation, Server Consolidation and Transformation

  • Hosting and colocation services

  • Building of secure and energy efficient infrastructure environments

  • Storage Transformation services

  • Business continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

We address not only technological challenges and cost pressures but also help realize data center infrastructure investments to their full potential.

Our dedicated data center services team, with the support of a service management ecosystem, provides round the clock support for your business processes, transactions and transformed data center environment.

Our data center service capabilities include:

  • 250+ customers across various industries

  • 7,00,000+ servers supported globally

  • 220+ PB storage supported globally

  • 1,20,000 MIPs supported globally


  • Maximize the value of your server virtualization deployment

  • Enhance infrastructure efficiency with proprietary e-Transform and eReadines tools

  • Increase business agility by aligning data center infrastructure with business goals

  • Optimize operational expenses by using reusable assets and tools

  • Ramp up and down infrastructure as required

  • Improve data center scalability and privacy

  • Ensure data security, integrity, and reliability


Transformation starts here

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