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Our approach

Flexible delivery models

Personalized services

Agile response

Data-driven decision making

Our capabilities 

Drive breakthrough performance with help from our supply chains consultants, who tap into TCS's leading-edge digital technologies and data-driven insights. Our capabilities include:

  • Logistics and fulfilment 

  • Manufacturing

  • Sourcing and procurement

  • Strategy, planning, and control 

  • Supply chain analytics


Plan and manage an agile, resilient supply chain ecosystem that enhances business performance.

  • Align operating strategy and business model to organization strategy 

  • Improve the ability to forecast and plan with greater transparency in margins

  • Drive supply chain adaptability and agility in a changing environment 

  • Improve visibility, predictability, and reliability in operations.  

  • Reduce overhead by harnessing variable cost delivery models.

Now is the moment for bold supply chain decision making, as companies respond to unexpected disruption and uncertainty. Faced with ecosystem challenges, senior executives must embrace digital solutions that allow them to sustain or achieve purpose-driven, profitable growth.
Dave Jordon

Vice President & Global Head, Consulting, TCS

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