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Wiley’s transformation with TCS

If you’ve conducted research, attended school or university, or learned a new job skill, you’ve likely engaged with Wiley’s scientific journals, tools, or platforms.

Wiley has helped researchers, professionals, students, universities, and corporations achieve their goals in an ever-changing world for over 200 years. With transformation in its DNA, Wiley has evolved from publisher to a tech-enabled research and education company. 

Tata Consultancy Services is Wiley’s longstanding growth and transformation partner, and recently helped the tech-enabled publisher successfully complete a Cloud migration. Outcomes from this project include:

  • Cost efficiency – a million-dollar annual savings

  • Simplicity – seamless access rights management and simplified user experience

  • Security – dual-factor authentication to manage access for 7,000+ remote employees

Wiley and TCS are purpose-driven companies and together are helping people learn more effectively and efficiently around the world.

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