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We look forward to meeting with key healthcare industry leaders to support their growth and transformation. 

We invite you to stop by Booth #8103 to meet with us and discuss the current state of value-based care, price transparency, cybersecurity, and the cloud in healthcare. 

In addition, some of the key themes that our experts will talk about include the following: 

  • Reimagining patient experiences 

  • Facilitating interoperability for next-gen healthcare

  • Building connected ecosystems

  • Creating pathways for early diagnosis

  • Personalizing treatment to improve quality of life

Our SMEs will talk about connected care, the increasing popularity of healthcare ecosystems, and data interoperability over the course of the following sessions:

Session 1: Interoperability helps to move SDoH

Speakers: Alison Schambach, Healthcare Director, TCS

Dorothy Egan, Clinical Consultant, TCS 

Date: April 18th, 2023

Time: 10:15 AM – 10:35 AM CT

Interoperability is a big word and is a hot topic of discussion in healthcare. The ability to share meaningful health data between various stakeholders is one of the biggest issues in the industry. This is where interoperability can help. Interoperability enables systems to ‘talk’ to each other. It will help providers ensure better patient-centric care and treatment, improving health outcomes.


Session 2: TCS lunch and learn – The future of connected care

Speaker: Amit Sachdeva, Head - Healthcare, North America, TCS

Salvatore Guido, CIO, GenesisCare

Mach Lakshmanan, VP Product Engineering, HCSC

Kimberly Chaundy, VP, Geisinger

Date: April 20th, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM CT 

Patient care is becoming more personalized with the transformation of health and wellness ecosystems. The connected care model in the future will be inclusive and seamless, leading to better patient outcomes. 

Join our expert as he sheds light on what the future of healthcare looks like and the key enabling factors:

  • How connected care can improve the accessibility of healthcare services while ensuring patient data security

  • The impact of real-time patient analytics on diagnosis 

  • The potential for remote patient monitoring and telehealth services in rural areas

  • Can AI-ML tools like ChatGPT replace physicians? 

  • How a connected care ecosystem augments the delivery of value-based care

  • The importance of virtual and distributed supply chains for connected care 


To attend the sessions or book a meeting, please connect with us at

  We look forward to seeing you at the event. 

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