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Australian Pharmaceutical Industries unites retail and wholesale businesses on single ERP platform

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API), the parent company of Priceline Pharmacy, Soul Pattinson Chemist and Pharmacist Advice, is a leading national health and beauty retailer in Australia. Their services include wholesale product delivery, retail services, marketing programs and business advisory services.

API had started to face numerous business challenges as a result of multiple merger and acquisitions couple with rapid growth. The company had two business models to manage their various business operations like retail pharmacy environment, merchandise, inventory, customer and vendor information, customer and supplier terms of trade, inventory valuation etc.

TCS engaged with API in 2013 as a strategic partner for the project, OneERP, to update and replace key IT systems with a seamlessly integrated SAP ERP platform to deliver enhanced customer service capabilities, improved logistics and finance processes, and operational efficiencies.

The OneERP project was driven by three key principles - simplification, clarification, and unification. TCS designed a SAP ERP platform that incorporated various SAP suits as well as Global ATP and Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management System.

“TCS literally oversaw the entire process, design solution from end to end, knew both the retail and wholesale [businesses] and basically helped us to collate, align and review what people had come up with in terms of requirement, design and testing,” said Cary Farmer who served as program manager for API’s OneERP project.

“API and its customers will now be able to benefit from this state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, including an enhanced user experience and the elimination of duplication across divisions, saving the company time and money,” said Deborah Hadwen, CEO, TCS - Australia and New Zealand.

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Earlier this year, API and TCS co-presented the ERP transformation success story at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 in Orlando, Florida.